Business Lounge, much more than a prestigious location

A private residence directly handled by the owner, that offers the true culture of the Italian hospitality.

Business Lounge For Fashion is much more than a location for showroom: we’ve developped a professional service that  provides flexible forms and different solutions for the Italian and the Foreign SMEs of the fashion world that neeed a space in the European capital of fashion all year round or only for a few months.

For fashion could become the point of reference of your enterprise in Milan, providing logistical  and organizational support. In addition to this, our staff has specific marketing and communication skills, and also includes external consultants in several fields to whom you can refer your clients.

Our services are available in modular units, that can be purchased according to customer needs.



A&P SERVICES S.r.l. - Business Lounge

Viale Gran Sasso, 11 - 20131 Milano

Phone (+39)

Mobile: (+39) 366.72.13.835

Fax: (+39)


Business Lounge subscribes to the Ethical Code

of ASSOTEMPORARY, of which it is a member.