Business Lounge, much more than a prestigious location


A virtual temporary showroom that can be a reference for those who want to display their products but have no facilities in Milan? Just name it!

We are proposing two ‘being-there-without-actually-being-there’ possible formats


  • Use of the Centre’s address, that can be specified on both paper documentation and the Internet
  • Dedicated phone number
  • Product storage
  • Logo of the Company displayed on the panel in the entrance hall


  • Use of a prestigious address, that can be specified on both paper documentation and the Internet
  • A dedicated phone number with customized answering service or call diversion to another company phone number
  • A dedicated person from our staff, specifically trained to meet your Clients.
  • Storage of products, samples, materials and catalogues
  • Logo of the Company displayed in the palace entrance hall
  • Showroom building-up and breakdown


  • Storage of products, samples and catalogues all year long or only during the selling campaign
  • Availability of a space as a temporary showroom from half a day
  • Showroom building-up and breakdown
  • Receipt of the goods and freight forwarding at the end of the work meeting
  • A dedicated person from our staff, specifically trained to meet your clients
  • Availability of standers


  • Agenda management appointments during the showroom
  • Commercial assistance
  • Linguistic assistance (English, French, German, Spanish) during your Business appointment
  • Fuori Salone
  • During Fuori Salone or other Trade Fair, showroom building up and breakdown and the opportunity to receive a commercial and organizational support
  • Other services on demand


  • Study of communications and marketing strategies
  • Planning of small events here in Business Lounge’s spaces
  • Event promotion through social media
  • Development of digital or paper invitation
  • Management of calls according to a mailing list provided by the customer
  • Realization of press kits or products presentation
  • Online and offline press office management
  • Digital newsletter realization
  • Social media and web communications
  • Photo shoots and video making during an event or during  the showroom


Our Refreshment & Catering service offers several proposals thanks to our long standing partners. Food always comes  as finger food, very easy to manage and enjoy.

According to Business Lounge For Fashion food is design, image and the meeting point between different cultures, is that a small buffet, a table service during a meeting or a showroom.

Coffee station non stop

Suitable solution for whom that make use of a temporary showroom or for all those who during the meeting continue to work without stopping.

We have created the “ Coffee station no stop” Formula where we propose to our clients different hot and cold drinks accompanied by several salty and savory kind of food all day long.



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Business Lounge subscribes to the Ethical Code

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